we only buy fruit from certificated farms.

Our procurement director works very closely with all our farmers to ensure the wellbeing of their workers and to guarantee that we can supply the best quality fruit to our customers.

Many of the farms that we work with have projects in place to give back to their workers and local communities. The farms encourage the construction of community buildings, creating a very much needed place to congregate. They’re especially keen to give support to their workers whenever they might need it. Farmers often arrange sporting events for their workers, a chance to let off steam and build a team ethos.

It’s vital that our workers have good working conditions, get regular breaks and have a clean and happy working environment.

Building relationships with our growers is of upmost important to us, that’s why we support our growers and their local community projects to help the environment, something which is close to our hearts as we do all we can here in the UK to reduce our Carbon footprint.

You may be surprised to know that our procurement director speaks to all our exporters and farmers daily, communication is key to our strength as a business.