Here at SH Pratt Bananas, we pride ourselves on being passionate about delivering quality fruit. We implement many processes across every sector of our business to make sure the fruit that reaches our customers is the best it can be. We do this through regular visits to our growers to the quality control process’ that we implement throughout the bananas time in our Luton ripening facility, and the transport methods we use.

 We use Safefood 360 to manage our end to end compliance and food safety; our growers upload their certification directly into the portal, our goods in use it to check approved supplier status, and it is also used as a portal for our quality management system.

 Safefood 360 is such a versatile programme that we also use it for audit management, tracking non-compliances, customer complaints and testing results. Using a system with this versatility means that we have a one-stop shop for our due diligence, quality and safety management.

 We are very lucky to have a qualified BRC professional as our head of Technical and Compliance. ‘BRCGS is a market-leading global brand that helps build confidence in the supply chain’( Being part of the BRC is very important to us.  It enables our customers to have trust in us to deliver the best quality, safe and legal product.

 Pratts Bananas has been an established company for over 70 years. Our years of experience as a service provider enables us to assist customers in their management or suppliers and due diligence provisions. We aim to meet all of our customers’ needs to the best of our knowledge and ability.